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Jae at the summit of Kilimanjaro
Jae at the summit!

Welcome to the blog about our three generational Mount Kilimanjaro climb.

Unfortunately Oscar and Sheila didn’t get to the top due to altitude sickness (not much we could do about that), but Jae went on to the summit, and the real success is that – with your help – we’ve raised over £12,000 for our fantastic charities. Thank you to everyone who supported us. We’ve left all the info and blog posts we put up while training live, so do have a look around if you’ve just found us. You’ll be glad to know all traces of altitude sickness disappeared as soon as Sheila and Oscar were down, and they had an amazing Tanzanian adventure of their own while they waited for Jae!

Click here to find out a bit more about us and about the challenge. Thanks! Sheila, Jae & Oscar

Have a look around our pages – we hope you find it interesting. Just click on the highlighted dates on the little calendar to read our blog posts. If you would like to get in touch please email contact@3GKiliClimb.com or nip over to Twitter or Facebook and find us there.

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11 thoughts on “Welcome to 3GKiliClimb!”

  1. Splendid news from Nyuki. All you youngsters will be a great success. may I add some support? How many feet up do you hope to climb? I hope this message will reach you. I am an absolute beginner with this pesky machine.
    Love from Carolyn.

  2. Well done for conquering the pesky machine, Carolyn! We aim to go all the way up: 5895 metres – more than 19,000 feet. If you click on to these three little lines at the top right of this page, you should be able to read all about it! It was lovely to hear from Nyuki.

  3. Who had the idea to climb a mountain in the first place? 🙂 I’m behind you all the way, anyway, as friends, family and charity supporters, and I’ll spread the word. Are you training every day? love from Lucy

    1. Thanks Lucy. It was sort of Oscar’s idea really – check out the “Who, why, what, when?” page to find out the background. It’s a bit mad isn’t it? But we’re all looking forward to the adventure. We’re all trying to get fitter but not quite managing to train EVERY day. Jxxx

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