3G Kili Climb – Day Eight

From Jae:

“At Millenium Camp. Scree all the way here. Did the tipping ceremony with singing and dancing, and gave out all the gifts – T-shirts and children’s books – Sharon and Sheila brought. We did a bit of a speech each – it worked well. Still at 3,500 so still v chilly at night.

Reuben did so well to get to the crater edge – it was very tough and he couldn’t feel his legs but marched on.”

Exodus trip notes: Descend to Arusha

A sustained descent on a well-constructed path through lovely tropical forest alive with birdsong and boasting lush undergrowth with considerable botanical interest. Our route winds down to the National Park gate at Mweka (1650m); and on through coffee and banana farms to Mweka village. The shower, the beer, and the swimming pool are tantalisingly close! We return by bus to Arusha (a distance of about 100km). Approx 4-6 hours walking.

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